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Dustimmoff Music Partnership was founded by Nashville's award-winning producer, mixer and engineer Justin Niebank, and acclaimed Chicago architect and entrepreneur Timm Martin. Justin and Timm first met at Chicago suburban high school, New Trier East, back in the early 70's. Justin, nicknamed Dusty back in his old-school days, first met Timm when they both played instruments in New Trier East's elite Jazz Band ensemble, comprised of hand-picked musicians from the schools renowned concert and orchestra bands. Although both were talented multi-instrumentalists they were best known in high school as archrivals, each playing electric bass in two of the top bands in town. After high school, they went on to play professionally in separate touring bands, but by the early 80's both had coincidentally become road weary. 


Justin shook off his old nickname Dusty and began his professional career at Alligator Records, engineering and producing over 20 records before eventually settling in Nashville. Timm stayed in Chicago where he pursued the business world, starting up a myriad of successful companies. But Timm's passion for music never waned and in 2003 he founded Out The Box Records, where he quickly signed heritage artists Dave Mason, The Freddy Jones Band, and even his old boss, virtuoso guitarist Harvey Mandel, who played with Canned Heat and the Rolling Stones before Timm joined him for a stint as his touring bass player in the early 80's. 


Justin, who stayed in the music community his entire adult life has earned the distinction of having credits on over 200 number-one singles, and too many platinum and gold records to mention. The industry has honored Justin with 3 Grammys and multiple CMA, AMA and Academy Awards. One would be hard pressed to find anyone in the history of music production that comes close to this lineup of achievements. 


In 2008, Justin and Timm's paths crossed within their music circles and they soon recognized their similarities in musical objectives. In 2009, they formed "Dustimmoff Music Partnership" which is headquartered today on Nashville's famed Music Row. Dustimmoff is a true artists' label realizing a musician’s talent and letting them grow and experiment without the ominous black clouds of industry pressures often found in larger labels, where decisions are frequently made by business economics rather than nurturing the artist’s talents and desires. At Dustimmoff Music Partnership, the artists and their ability to freely express themselves through their music is the overriding priority. Justin and Timm's vast musical and business experience and connections make a formidable team mentoring their artists’ talents and continually seeking out new avenues to expand their clients’ repertoire. 


We are Dustimmoff Music Partnership.


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